Remove your Emissions from the Air, Naturally

is not enough.

To restore our climate, the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere needs to be actively reduced. That is why we are dedicating ourselves to enabling regenerative practices in agriculture which not only remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere through increased carbon sequestration but also improve biodiversity, water retention and quality of produce in the process.

+ Improve Biodiversity
+ Increase Water Retention
+ Improve Quality of Produce
“Almost half of the EU’s surface area is in agricultural use, and the surface layers of the farmlands store many times more carbon than the EU annually emits into the atmosphere. These carbon stocks must be taken care of and further increased. Carbon stocks on agricultural land in the EU have generally decreased over the past decades.”
Council of the European Union

are we doing?

We support farmers in the transformation towards regenerative agriculture, by providing them with the needed financial security, soil insights and management expertise. Furthermore, utilising our remote soil analysis algorithm and certified soil probes we can verify and monitor the long-term storage of CO2 on a global scale.

Verification & Traceability
Soil Insights & Monitoring
Financial Security

can you get involved?

You can become part of the regenerative movement by simply paying for your unavoidable emissions to be removed from the atmosphere. Your contribution will enable farmers to adopt regenerative practices, creating a positive and lasting impact on our climate and environment that would not happen without you.

To make this change happen where it matters most to you, we are making sure to fund farmers close to you.

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Our Team

Our team consists of the brothers Armin Schöpf & Stefan Schöpf and Patrick Leiter.

We are incubated in the Business Incubator of the European Space Agency in Graz, Austria and are part of the current cohorts of the Copernicus accelerator and the Clinton Global Initiative University 2020.

l. to r. Armin Schöpf, Patrick Leiter, Stefan Schöpf