Regenerative Agriculture

Capture carbon, naturally.

Restoring OUR Enviroment

We enable
regenerative agriculture.

To restore our climate, the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere needs to be actively reduced. That is why we are incentivising and supporting the adoption of regenerative practices in agriculture, which not only remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere through increased carbon sequestration, but also feed people, improve biodiversity, build more fertile soil and reduce usage of chemicals and fertilisers.



Cover crops, rotation of different plants and no-till increase farm biodiversity.

Chemicals & Fertilisers

Avoidance of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, while opting for organic fertilisers helps enrich the soil longterm. Carbon-rich soils also require less fertilisers.

Food & Water Security

Carbon-rich soils are more resilient to climate challenges such as drought and floods, reduce erosion and help prevent water pollution, while yielding healthier produce.

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Complete Transparency.

We utilise proprietary remote soil sensing algorithms in combination with certified third party soil probes to support, verify and monitor the longterm storage of CO2. Based on these results voluntary CO2 certificates are issued and farmers compensated for taking action.

Not without you

Change needs you.

You can become part of the regenerative movement by simply paying for your unavoidable emissions to be removed from the atmosphere. Your contribution will enable farmers to adopt regenerative practices, creating a positive and lasting impact on our climate and environment that would not happen without you. To make this change happen where it matters most to you, we are making sure to fund farmers close to you.

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